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What do our customers say?

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René Christensen, Plant Manager - Kerry

It has always been a pleasure to entrust a search task to Christian; you just know it's in safe hands, and there will be extremely high professionalism behind all aspects. The network in the food industry is vast, and he can "magically" bring forward good candidates who can be invited for an interview. It's always good and reassuring that there's an opportunity to match several candidates against the role to be filled, so the extensive network is crucial. I would recommend initiating a collaboration with Christian at any time - he completes the task to full satisfaction for both the employer and the candidates. There's fair treatment for everyone. His large network, and great experience from previous job situations. He knows his backyard thoroughly.

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Claus Dahlmann Larsen, CEO - Premier Is

Trustworthy. Professional. Thorough. I would definitely recommend him if there's a need for a good sparring partner in the recruitment process and if a thorough process is desired. It's also a clear advantage that Christian is independent without a larger organization behind him, which ensures focus and a consistently professional approach to the tasks. Moreover, collaborating with Christian is very flexible, and it's possible to work with tight schedules when it makes sense. Christian represents the company in a professional manner and maintains good contact with the candidates from start to finish in the process. The reporting of interviews and tests is very thorough, ensuring the best possible starting point and preparation before the first meetings with the candidate. Christian ensures that the candidate receives a thorough debrief, which also ensures that the candidate gains value from the time invested in the process whether it leads to a job change or not. Christian takes ownership of all parts of the process, making him a strong collaboration partner.

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Steen Breum Damgaard - VP, Commercial & Corporate Affairs Management

Christian is an incredibly pleasant and competent person who provides us with the right sparring and challenges our thoughts. Christian is also used for strategic consultation on the organization, due to his extensive knowledge within international trade and especially food. We greatly benefit from our collaboration, where Christian always delivers as expected. Christian knows his clients beyond the usual. He thoroughly understands the company and can vouch for the culture we represent. And then he is an honest person, who is also advisory, as he has a lot of experience to draw upon.

Hilde Rotbakken Sønnichsen, CHRO, Group HR - Uhrenholt A/S

Christian is very adept at understanding a company's situation and needs, and he works very quickly and focused on a task. At the same time, he places great emphasis on the quality of the work, and he is a good ambassador for Uhrenholt. Christian maintains full focus from start to finish in the recruitment process – and he has always succeeded in finding suitable candidates, even when we have wanted the recruitment process to be very fast. Christian is very diligent, and I have been positively surprised by how quickly he identifies potential candidates. Furthermore, we have been very satisfied with the candidates he has found for us, and I have never experienced a task he couldn't solve. Christian has a very large network within the food industry, and he is good at finding relevant candidates. At the same time, he acts as a good link between the candidates and us, and he treats the candidates with great respect, which is very important to us.